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RINCON DE AIARA - Entorno de Menagarai




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Menagarai (the name of the village), While its official history begins in 1114, when his name was documented as toponymic of a person, but the occupation of this territory was a few thousand years earlier, in the prehistoric time.

Its situation as a step on the road that linked the coast with Castile and the Royal Court, favored the emergence of a core around the Church of St. Peter, and there it was where under the shadow of a pear-tree, the meetings of the council were done.

In this town two zones can be distinguished: the main body of constructions, next to the road, and diverse districts dispersed by the extension of the village. Most of the buildings are rural-typical constructions, many worthy of being admired, among them some that are antique manors, palaces and monasteries.

The parish of St. Peter, situated on a dominant hill, was built in the advanced XVIII century, in the transition from Baroque to neoclassical. A magnificent altarpiece of the Saint presides over the temple.


  • Mycology (Consultation Jose Antonio Muñoz Vivas)
  • Climbing, Caving, Bungee Jumping
  • Abseiling, Hiking
  • Archery and Tyrolean
  • Mountain-bike
  • Paragliding
  • Cultural Visits
  • Horseback Riding
  • Nearest swimming pools less than 1km walking

Historical center

The City Council of Ayala is formed by twenty-four villages, although Luiaondo is one of the biggest populations, the capital of the council and the town hall resides in Respaldiza. Quejana is considered the historical, artistic and spiritual center of Ayala .The life of this people has been closely linked to the monastery, monumental-set of: The Palace of Fernán Perez of Ayala, the Chancellor's Chapel-tower, Church of St. John and a monastery of Dominican nuns, Tombs of the Ayala Family and a museum with interesting artworks.

Rincón de Aiara, Rural apartments
B.º Mendieta, 19 . 01477 Menagarai (Alava)
N 43º 05.686' W 3º 04.398'
945 39 90 20 / 656 71 59 25
Licence No. : TVI00010